Who We Are

Purpose of Solely Christ

Jesus said:
"And I, when I am lifted (exalted) up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.” [John 12:32, NKJ]

We believe that our job as followers of Christ, is to show our community who Christ is and that He, not the church, should be front and centre. When Jesus Christ is lifted high and exalted on the earth by us, His disciples, our community will see Jesus Christ and will be drawn to Him.

  • We want to provide a safe and open Christian community of believers in Christ which will enable the development of Christian relationships that are genuine and based on a love for Christ and His word.
    • Solely Christ also seeks to join with like minded individuals in order to:
      • encourage and support spiritual growth that is not limited by religious structures and hierarchies.
      • use our God given resources to create sustainable structures that meet the needs of our community.
      • facilitate open discussion and sharing of the Word of God between all Christian community members.